The Skunge - Horror Novel by Jeff Barr

THE SKUNGE – Shocking Body Horror Novel by Jeff Barr

THE SKUNGE – available at Click here to read a sample! In the heartlands of America, a desperate young man commits the ultimate sin and unleashes an insidious, creeping evil. A world away, a young girl with hideous secrets sells her flesh for money and power. A man with no name will bring them […] - by Horror Author Jeff Barr

  I’ve started a new site called IndieHorrorBookReviews. It’s a review site aimed at indie authors who are looking for more exposure on the web for their independent horror novels, novellas, and short story collections. Horror has always been my favorite genre, though my definition may be wider than normal – for instance, I think […]

Madrigal Dark Fantasy YA trilogy by author jeff barr

Madrigal: Book 1 of the Bel Cantos now at Wattpad

I’m posting my dark YA fantasy Madrigal: Book 1 of the Bel Cantos at Wattpad, free, for your reading pleasure. It was influenced by Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, along with Michael Swanwick’s Iron Dragon’s Daughter. If you enjoyed either of those, you’re sure to find something to like in Madrigal.  

Dasvidaniya: A Double Shot of Crime #1

My next Double Shot book is now available at Amazon: Dasvidaniya: A Double Shot of Crime #1. I will be assisted by IndieKite, an independent author service company. Full disclosure, I am a co-founder at IndieKite, and we are using our services to design, release, and market this book in an effort to show the […]

Author Jeff Barr - Needle A Magazine of Noir

New Short Story CREEKMORE Published in Needle: A Magazine of Noir

My short story, CREEKMORE, is included in the Winter 2014-2015 edition of NEEDLE: A MAGAZINE OF NOIR.  

Unholy Places by Jeff Barr

Unholy Places: A Double Shot of Horror #2

UNHOLY PLACES: A Double Shot of Horror #2 is available now at Amazon.


Odd Ends: A Double Shot of Horror #1

My two story short collection, ODD ENDS: A Double Shot of Horror, is available now at