The Skunge - Horror Novel by Jeff Barr
The Skunge is a horror/thriller filled with action, sex, violence, and macabre events in a modern-day America besieged by a devastating new sexually-transmitted disease that takes over its victims and turns them into slaves of the parasite.

Sugar, a porn star, is infected by The Skunge by Christian, a gay but straight-for-pay fellow XXX actor. Quickly the disease spreads over Los Angeles, and Sugar must flee for her life. For some reason, other victims of the disease are following her, attracted by something she carries within herself.

She flees to her old home, and relives the brutal and perverse history of her teenage years, under the oppressive role of her sadistic stepfather. She meets Arneson, hired muscle who has secrets of his own, and a past as shrouded in pain and misery as Sugar’s own.

Together they must face the disease, Sugar’s stepfather, and other forces arrayed against them them as they flee to Oregon to a secret government facility that may be holding the cure to the deadly disease that has turned America into a creeping, murderous shadow of what it once was.


Dasvidaniya - A Double Shot of Crime #1 AUthor Jeff Barr

My next Double Shot book is now available at Amazon: Dasvidaniya: A Double Shot of Crime #1. I will be assisted by IndieKite, an independent author service company. Full disclosure, I am a co-founder at IndieKite, and we are using our services to design, release, and market this book in an effort to show the value that IndieKite providers to independant writers (like myself).

Dasvidaniya features two never-before-seen short stories: Carley Strezlec and the Candy Man, the tale of a boy and his first heist, and Dasvidaniya, featuring Russian mafia kingpin Viktor “the Butcher” Labko, one of my favorite recurring characters.

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